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hamlet's hunger

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Hamlet's Hunger

Hamlet's Hunger is a fast-paced mobile game requiring a precise coordination of the eye and the mind. The goal is to pick just the right sort of insects for the famished little rooster, Hamlet. As the player progresses in the game, the speed and cunning of the target critters become ever more demanding, as do the desires of Hamlet himself, further augmenting the challenge! Hamlet's Hunger has a total of 15 maps, with the last one being a true test of mettle for those with superb wit and reflexes. The game is best suited for those with an affinity for precision puzzle games, and functions best on a tablet platform.

For starters, the player is given a bag of golden grains, with which one can obtain gadgets and unlock new maps. Additional golden grains can naturally be bought or earned in heaps by excelling in gameplay!

Available for android and iOS devices!

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Whole Fungivale Team :)

Music, levels 1-15: Elias Luukkanen